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Make Power Failures a Thing of the Past Hurricanes, blizzards, ice storms often trigger electrical outages. A generator - either a whole-house backup generator or a key (essential services) generator can power you through an outage and keep your home running.

When the electricity you depend on suddenly isn't there, a home backup generator, wired to your electrical panel, senses the outage and turns on automatically - whether or not you're at home. The generator simply takes over to power your home. It will keep running until power is restored, whether that takes hours, days or weeks.

A smaller size essential services generator allows the homeowner to keep key operations going when a power outage occurs. You choose the key electrical functions you need to minimize disruption of your lifestyle; they might include your furnace, refrigerator, sump pump, freezer, lighting, air conditioning, certain appliances (your coffee pot or microwave, for example). In the event of an outage, the key generator automatically transfers power to your selected functions.

As a certified provider of Generac® generators, S & R Electrical Services LLC, will install and maintain a whole-house backup or key generator. Engineered and manufactured in the USA, Generac generators come with a 5-year limited warranty, and we highly recommend them for their reliability and durability. They run on natural gas or propane.

We will be happy to price out a generator system to match your needs and your budget - just call S & R Electrical Services at 973-992-3708 for an appointment. Gain the peace of mind of knowing you have a generator at the ready.