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Moving Up to LED Homeowners in our service area increasingly are upgrading lighting throughout their homes to LED, particularly now that the cost of LED technology is coming down. S & R Electrical Services LLC, has the knowledge and expertise to help you make this move and save substantially on your electricity costs.

LED (light-emitting diode) is the latest technology for improving safety and energy efficiency with top-quality light levels. An LED light bulb uses 70 percent to 90 percent less energy than an incandescent bulb, lasts up to 25 times longer and can save up to $80 in electricity costs over its lifetime. Some LED bulbs last 50,000 hours, for example, compared to a 2,000-hour incandescent bulb. LEDs don't have a filament to burn out and, unlike Halogen bulbs, they don't get as hot during use.

Ideally, to convert to LED lighting and gain maximum efficiency, you'll need to convert your fixtures, which can be as simple as replacing the cover or LED bulb. LED fixtures are available in hundreds of decorative styles for hard-wired options as well as lamps for use in every room of your house.

S & R Electric has gone into homes and done both partial and full, whole-house conversions to LED lighting. If you're thinking about switching to this energy-saving technology for your home, call us for a free evaluation and consultation at 973-992-3708.