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Concealed Wiring Is One of Our Specialties Staying connected seems to be more important than every today, and S & R Electrical Services LLC, is your best source for all aspects of television, cable, Internet and telephone wiring. Adding neatly concealed wiring for all of your devices is one of our specialties.

Many homeowners today want to see only their flat-screen television on the wall - no visible speakers, no control box, no wires. We can make that happen. We'll install wiring to put the power behind the TV, in the wall, and we'll run the HDMI cable, which provides the signal, through the wall to your cable box - and your box can be on a table, hidden in a cabinet or even in the basement.

We'll also run the wiring needed for Internet access, including wiring to your Internet-ready TV. Decide where you want land-line telephones, and we'll run your wire from your telephone block to all of those locations.

And we can conceal all those wires as long as the applications allow it.

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